Jury and their job

The Young Culture event is meant for young amateurs where participants have possibility to perform in high-quality event, meet other enthusiasts, get professional and constructive feedback from their performances and share experiences with other participants.

Jury consists of 2-3 members which represent the professional expertise of dance art strenghten by firm pedagogic ability. Jury's job is to create a supportive atmosphere where young artists can experience safety and joy to perform. Jury is required to be able to listen and give spoken feedback, and also be willing to change opinions in a constructive way. The primary function of the feedback is to encourage and advise young artists. There is also a possibility to discuss and ask specifications to the unclear points. Discussion is mainly intended to the performers and their mentors. The given feedback will be sent to the group afterwards.

The jury always works independently. Jury base their views on artistic and pedagogical values with their guideline to support the joy of performing arts. The work of the jury in the national event is lead by art director, set by Young Culture Foundation. The art director of dance is dancer-choreographer Marko Keränen.