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How to come to Rovaniemi
You can come to Rovaniemi by car, by plain, by train.

Rovaniemi City Taxi
The easiest way to get around the city from the railway station or bus station is by the Rovanie-mi City Taxi service.
Tel: +358 200 88 000 +358 16 106410

Transport connections from airport
Travel done by Airport Taxi from the airport to the city takes about 15 min and travel cost is 7 €. Vehicles are on stand-by for the arrival of flights and carry passengers to and from Rovaniemi town. The route takes from the airport to the follow-ing hotels in the city center: Hotel Pohjanhovi, Santa's Hotel Santa Claus and Hotel Aakenus. Return transfers from the above hotels to the airport is also possible to do with Airport taxi.
Would you look the attchments below you can find short info about Rovaniemi .