EVS volunteering at Youthcenter Monde
5.12.2016 11:10


I'm EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer in Youth Center Monde. My name is Petras-Ringauds Jonaitis and i come from one the most beautiful Lithuanian city - Telšiai. When i became interested in the city of Rovaniemi, found some similarities with my hometown. Both cities are in the center of country's region: Rovaniemi is capital city of Lapland - Telšiai is capital of Samogitia; Rovaniemi have longest river in Finland - Kemijoki, Telšiai have lake in the center of city - Mastis; Rovaniemi have sculptures of Reindeer and everywhere you can find something with Santa Claus, Telšiai have lot of sculptures of bears.

People in Rovaniemi are friendly, especially the drivers are very cultured for pedestrians and cyclists. They almost every time stops in pedestrian cross. But mostly i liked their's plenty of cyclists. Even in the winter time you can see lot of them.

Also i know that, in Lapland is cold winters and loooooong nights. I'm really waiting for -30 - -40 degrees cold. That would be biggest challenge and experience for me. But i have been a bit disappointed about northern lights. When i read about Northern Lights in Lapland, there was written you can see them about 200 times in all year. Maybe that's true, but mostly in this autumn weather was cloudy or foggy, when there was possible to see northern lights. But i'm still happy, because i saw northern lights in about 5-6 times. First impression was wonderful. But also i have 9 months more to see them again :)

How i said in beginning, im volunteering in Nuorisokeskus Monde. My project is 12 months long, so you can visit us and we can talk about EVS, cultural differences and anything what you want.  Youth workers team there's cool and youthfull , in Monde also you can play computer games, billiard, ping-pong, board games, sing karaoke or just sit and talk. Often there's happening events like youngsters disco, gaming tournaments, hiking trips and various presentations. So, you're welcome in Nuorisokeskus Monde! 

Greetings: Petras
Hanne Ojuva